Reorganization 2023 – Candidates

Candidate submissions and statements are updated as submissions are received.
Last updated 15 Jan 2023

Statutory/Delegate Roles

Mary Newcomer Williams

I would be honored to continue to serve as Chair of the 5th LD Democrats for the 2023-24 biennium. I believe this organization has an important role to play in bringing together, informing, and activating those with a shared desire to create a better world through support for democracy, the environment, public health, safety, and education, and economic opportunity and social inclusion for everyone. We achieve societal change through the collective action that an organization like the 5th LD Democrats makes possible. We have an incredible team of skilled leaders who have already brought change to our communities by electing Democratic leaders – and advocating for progressive Democratic policies and priorities – at the local, state, and national level. I would love to continue to work with this team to preserve and grow this community and our civic engagement and activism.

First Vice-Chair, Membership, Rules & Bylaws
Elliot Paull

After serving as 2nd Vice-Chair and PCO Chair, I would be honored to serve as 1st Vice-Chair. I believe my expertise, passion and commitment to our collective efforts positions me to work with the Chair, the Executive Board, the PCOs, and the general membership. I have developed and continue to foster a great working relationship with our three legislators, as both candidates and elected officials.

State Committee Member – Female
Jessica Soderman

Despite the difficulty that 2022 has shown us, I have renewed energy after the 2022 Election cycle. We elected some excellent progressive Democrats across Washington State, and re-elected two of our favorite Representatives here in the 5th LD.

This year saw the defeat of many dangerous ideals at the ballot box, but our work is never over. I look forward to continuing this fight for Democracy as I seek re-election as State Committee Member (female-identifying) for the 5th LD on the 2023-2024 Washington State Democratic Central Committee.

I am eager to return to Olympia this January to elect the 2023-2024 Executive Board of the Washington State Democrats and to get back to the work of making our party stronger and more inclusive, down the rules and bylaws by which we operate.

To PCOs who have served the 5th LD in the past, I appreciate the trust you’ve placed in me over the past four years as our State Committee Member. To new or returning PCOs, I hope to earn your support for re-election as your State Committee Member.

State Committee Member – Male, Platform & Resolutions
Tim Noonan

Our LD and State Democrats have experienced incredible challenges for the past decade and more. I grew up in a family here in the 5th that believed in the Democratic Party values and remained self directed enough to vote for the person, not the party. I have lived my life, living out those values. They include strong union support, progressive taxation where the more income you have, the higher the tax bracket you fall into, and the philosophy that a civil community will create safeguards to lift up those that are falling down.

I have paid into the union plans, paid my Social Security and Medicare taxes all my life without complaint, voted and sought the support of others to vote against bills when the taxation proposals were unreasonable, and always supported programs, requiring me to pay into, that made everyone in the community better off. After doing this all my life, I now receive the benefits of my actions in retirement while still being able to contribute financially to lift up those that stumble. The Democratic Party values have manifested themselves in my life and in my community! Strengthening the Democratic values will ensure the continuation of benefits to future generations, as had happened in my life.

Our democracy and the future of our Republic had been tested for the past 40 or more years and has reached a critical point in recent years. It is regularly said that we came close to losing our democracy. I am not silent about the reality that our democracy is currently on the brink of being lost. Strong Democratic positioning is needed today as much as it has ever been. As we enter into a change in state party leadership, it is imperative that we participate fully to make our party stronger. That is my goal in joining the other State Committee Members as we prepare our Party for the future generations, safeguarding and strengthening our Democratic values. It is not understated that, “We all do better when we all do better”.

King County DCC Delegate – Female
Jen Carter

I would be honored to continue to serve as your representative to the KCDCC for a second term.
In my previous term, I served on the Code of Conduct Committee, Credentials Committee, Tally Committee and Communications Committee.
“I endorse Jen Carter for 5th LD rep to the King County Democrats. Since 2018, Jen has brought energy and enthusiasm to the KC Dems. As delegate, she will continue to make sure that the voices of East King County are front and center.”—Shasti Conrad, Chair, King County Democrats from 2019-2023

King County DCC Delegate – Male
Roger Ledbetter

For the last 4 years I have served the 5th Dems as your Representative to the King County Dems Central Committee. LD Representatives are given the opportunity to serve on a KC Dems committee, and as part of my responsibility as the 5th Dems Representative, I serve on the KC Code of Conduct Committee (CoCC) and would like to continue my work there. The CoCC has begun the process of rewriting the KC Dems Code of Conduct, but that process was not completed as the mid-term election took priority. I hope to continue to play a part in crafting a Code of Conduct that is clear and flexible enough to cover a wide variety of offensive & disruptive behaviors. The Code of Conduct was adopted to create a safe, tolerant, and respectful work environment for all. Besides revising and updating the Code of Conduct, the CoCC also reviews complaints, witness statements, and determines the appropriate actions to take to protect KCDCC members.

I also served as KC Dems’ Ombudsman. If called upon to serve in that capacity again I would consider it. My vision of the Ombudsman’s role is that they should be a healer, a peacemaker and not that of a divider or excluder. Sometimes personalities conflict, sometimes feelings get hurt, and the first actions of the Ombudsman should be to mediate and bring people back together so we can continue to work towards our common goals. Unfortunately, there can be cases where there has been a persistent pattern of disruptive and abusive behavior and where the individual refuses to take any responsibility or to engage in any healing process. In that case it’s the Ombudsman’s responsibility to document incidents, witnesses, and file a report to the KC Dems Leadership Team and to the CoCC for further action. While such cases are rare, they can be very damaging when they occur.

It would be my honor to again be trusted with the responsibility of representing the 5th LD Dems.

King County DCC Delegate – Alternate – Female
Carol Lynn Harp

I have enjoyed being KCDCC Alternate, and I would be honored to be chosen to continue in this position.

Young Democrat, Young Leaders
Tanya Lavoy

After serving as the First and Second Vice Chair/Chair of Membership for the 5th Dems, I am taking a step back to spend a bit more time with the latest addition to my family but would like to continue to serve on the board in some capacity.

I currently serve on the executive board of the Young Democrats of Washington (YDWA) as its VP for Events and Education and I also regularly attend King County Young Democrats meetings so I am happy to take on the official liaison position to these organizations. I would be interested in dual serving as head of the Young Leaders Committee if needed.

Additional Roles.

Second Vice Chair, PCO chair
Amy Hamrick

My family and I are new to the area, having moved here over the summer from Spring, TX, where I was heavily involved with our local Democratic Party. When we moved, I was in my second term as Democratic County Chair, and before that I served as Treasurer for the County Party. I also worked on several local, state, and federal campaigns, holding positions ranging from canvassing volunteer to Campaign Manager and everything in between.

I joined the 5th LD Dems as soon as we moved in and have enjoyed getting to know the members of the E-Board and others in the organization. With my experience as a Party Officer, volunteer coordinator, and grassroots organizer, I am sure I can be an asset to the 5th LD. I look forward to working with y’all!

Eric Durban

I am happy to continue in this role for an additional year. Or if others are interested I am happy to step aside.

Anne Frances Owen

As I’ve served in this position for the last two years, I’ve very much enjoyed hearing so many diverse perspectives on the challenges that we face, both as a community and an organization. Our political landscape contains multitudes of important, urgent, and meaningful issues that we can research, analyze, discuss, debate, and (ultimately) act to reshape for the benefit of all. Twice a month, I do my best to showcase the most pertinent, cogent, and informed arguments around topics of the day, making careful choices about what most deserves a spotlight in the form of my readers’ time and attention. Based on frequent feedback from several members of the eboard (and even a state legislator or two), I do pretty well, and I hope to uphold that standard through 2024.

On Jan. 18, please vote OWEN for Secretary. I’m Anne Frances Owen, and I approve this message. 🙂

Communications Chair
Johna Thomson

I’ve enjoyed serving as Communications Chair for the 5th Dems for the past two years. As Communications Chair I’ve been responsible for sending regular email newsletters via MailChimp, posting frequently on our public Facebook page, and sharing information on our private Facebook page. I strive to keep information flowing and to encourage our members to get involved in opportunities to support our Democratic values and help our endorsed candidates win.

It’s been a pleasure working with the current 5th Dems Executive Board. I would be honored to continue as the Communications Chair for the next two years, which will include the very important presidential election of 2024.

Beth Bazley

I have enjoyed serving as the 5th LD Democrats Endorsement Committee Chair during the last term and would like to continue in this role. It has been a pleasure to build a strong committee and work with dozens of candidates each cycle. Our membership has shown great interest in hearing from candidates, learning about them individually as well as what those elected positions are, and that interest has fueled my enthusiasm to work with the myriad of candidates up and down the ballot. I would like to continue that role as liaison with campaigns and lead our wonderful endorsement committee. Thank you for your consideration.

Technology Chair
Martin Buckley

I have been Technology Chair for 4 years – and would like to continue in this role.

Security of our website, and the integrity of our on-line meetings and on-line voting is front and center of this role. Over the past four years significant measures have been made to improve the security and availability of our website, alongside a robust and trustworthy secret voting mechanism for our meetings.

Diversity & Inclusion Chair

I would be honored to continue my role as Diversity & Inclusion Chair with the 5th LD Democrats. I feel strongly that our organization is making progress not only for the Democratic party, but for all of our communities.

We have a lot of work to do, but I am proud of the work we have done and would be honored to be able to continue to serve as the Diversity & Inclusion Chair.