Washington State Democrats (2022)
King County Democrats (2018)

(approved by our legislative district in the last 12 months)

Resolution 2024-1: Ranked Choice Voting for Primaries, including Presidential Primaries

WHEREAS the Washington State Democratic Central Committee Platform, a Democratic Party policy document, calls for “Ranked choice primary voting to be implemented to determine the two candidates who advance to the general election for federal, statewide, legislative, and local offices”;

WHEREAS Washington State appears to have had the highest rate of “wasted” votes in the nation;

WHEREAS Ranked Choice Voting solves this problem of wasted votes by allowing voters to list their backup choice in case their first choice drops out or doesn’t reach the threshold for allocating delegates;

WHEREAS the Democratic National Committee approved every Ranked Choice Voting delegate selection plan submitted in the most recent presidential cycle,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the 5th LD Democrats calls on their Washington state representatives to promote the passage of legislation to allow voters to rank their choices in primary elections, including the presidential primary.

Submitted by Beth Bazley
Adopted by the 5th LD Democrats on January 17, 2024.
Mary Newcomer Williams, Chair