Redistricting update

Just after its Nov. 15 deadline, Washington’s redistricting commission released a set of maps for legislative and Congressional districts across the state. On Dec. 3, our state Supreme Court authorized the approval of those maps without further public input. Regardless of possible litigation, our organization must move forward with aligning to the borders that those maps identify for both LD5 and CD8. Our LD won’t lose many precincts that have precinct committee officers (PCOs), but we will definitely feel the loss of every PCO who is moving! Our executive board is committed to celebrating their contributions, as well as supporting their transitions to new LDs and welcoming new PCOs to our team. (Click/tap here to see our full statement.)

Election results

We, the 5th LD Democrats, celebrate these candidates who earned our endorsement and then won elected office in 2021! Want more information about our endorsements? (Click/tap here.)