Endorsement details 2023

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Kristiana de Leon

Kristiana de Leon is running for re-election to the Black Diamond City Council. This will be her second term on the council, making her one of the longest standing members on a council that has seen high turnover and represents a conservative city in our district. Kristiana has a passion for progressive and Democratic ideals, is an active and engaged member of the community, and has earned the unanimous recommendation for endorsement by the 5th LD endorsement committee. This is a single-jurisdiction position.

Debbie Page

Debbie Page hit the ground running when she moved to Black Diamond in 2020, deciding to take her let’s-get-things-done approach to help her fellow citizens in this the growing city. Since her appointment to the City Council in 2021 and election later that year, she has been a careful listener to all in Black Diamond. Often the voice of compromise and pragmatism, Debbie plans to continue tackling issues such as economic development and public safety. Black Diamond residents will be well served by re-electing Debbie Page to their City Council. This is a single-jurisdiction position.

Pam Stuart

Pam Stuart has served on the Sammamish City Council as both an elected and (currently) appointed member for more than five years. Pam was motivated to join the council in 2017 after she realized that being an informed voter and involved parent and community member was not enough. Since then, she has been a voice for affordable housing, equity, and social justice, as well as combatting climate change, fighting for sensible gun legislation, and championing transparency in government. If elected, Pam will continue to advance an agenda to ensure everyone feels welcome and safe in Sammamish with her efforts to diversify the city’s housing and transportation policies while developing more environmentally sustainable, affordable housing.