Lobby Day 2018

Please join us for Lobby Day in Olympia on Presidents’ Day!

Who: Senator Mark Mullet, Representative Jay Rodne, and Representative Paul Graves

When: February 19, 2018 from 9:00 AM through mid-afternoon

Where: State Labor Council Building in Olympia: 906 Columbia St. SW, Olympia, WA 98501

What: This annual visit to Olympia is an opportunity to come together with other Democrats to learn about what legislation is on the table this year and how we can influence it, and then chat with State Senators and Representatives about what matters most to YOU.  It is organized by the King County Democrats with us (5th Legislative District Democrats) participating, along with other districts in the county.

Why: As a 5th Legislative District contingent, we will ask our three legislators to talk about their positions on important bills, let them know that we are paying attention to their actions, and care enough to make a trip to Olympia. The more attendees we have, the stronger the message we send, and the more influence we will have.

How: To attend, please register with both the King County Democrats at their Lobby Day Registration Site, and RSVP with the 5th Legislative District at our Lobby Day Signup page, in order to provide our district legislators with an estimated headcount, and to ensure we have enough meeting space.

If you are interested in attending Lobby Day, but cost is an issue, we have a sponsor who will cover the cost. Please contact us through our Lobby Day Signup page for more information.