Endorsements 2018b

2018 is a statewide and federal election year, with primary elections in August, and the general election in November. These elections may include a variety of local and state level ballot measures: initiatives, referenda, constitutional amendments, charter amendments, propositions, and Levys.


• US Senator – FOR Senator Maria Cantwell

• Congressional District 1 – FOR Congresswoman Suzan DelBene

• Congressional District 8

– Triple Endorsement FOR Kim Schrier

– Triple Endorsement FOR Jason Rittereiser

– Triple Endorsement FOR Shannon Hader

• Congressional District 9 – FOR Congressman Adam Smith

• Supreme Court, Position 2 – FOR Justice Susan Owens

• Supreme Court, Position 8 – FOR Justice Steve Gonzalez

• Supreme Court, Position 9 – FOR Justice Sheryl McCloud

• Initiative 1631 Reducing Pollution – SIGN I-1631 Reducing Pollution


• Prosecuting Attorney – FOR Dan Satterberg

• District Court Judge, NE Position 1

– Dual Endorsement FOR Marcus Naylor

– Dual Endorsement FOR Joshua Schaer

• District Court Judge, NE Position 2 – FOR Judge Ketu Shah

• District Court Judge, NE Position 3 – FOR Judge Lisa O’Toole

• District Court Judge, SE Position 1 – FOR Judge Jason Poydras

• District Court Judge, SE Position 5 – FOR Virginia Amato

• District Court Judge, SE Position 6 – FOR Rhonda Laumann


• Representative, Position 1 – FOR Bill Ramos

• Representative, Position 2 – FOR Lisa Callan


• Tahoma School Levy – FOR Tahoma School Levy (Passed!)

Candidates and campaigns seeking 5th LD endorsement should fill out a King County Democrats candidate questionnaire and submit a copy to the Endorsement Committee Chair at [email protected]. Questionnaires are available at https://www.kcdems.org/our-party/endorsements/.